Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship is the cornerstone of Quaker Faith. It is when two or more people gather together to wait in stillness for the spirit. Meeting for Worship can happen at any time of day and in any place.

As a matter of convenience Quakers tend to hold formal meeting for worship on Sunday mornings in established meeting houses. In a formal meeting as soon as the first person goes into the meeting room then the worship starts. The first 15 minutes are usually quiet as people join in the meeting and start to focus their thoughts.

At any time anyone can share their thoughts and feelings with the meeting. This happens in a spontaneous way and is described as being lead by the spirit to minister. There is a discouragement of pre-prepared ministry, it should come from the spirit in the meeting that day.

Meeting for Worship could be observed as a group of people seating in silence, but the experience of it is often very different than this. In the stillness the group connects with each other and make a spiritual connection. It can be a very magical and life affirming experience.

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