A Quick Guide to Quaker Beliefs and Values 

Meeting for Worship
Our Meetings for Worship have no minister or pastor and no order of planned service...
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That of God in Everyone
Quakers believe there is "that of God in everyone", although some Friends prefer to use the word 'light' or 'spirit'...  read on

The Bible and other Writings
Whilst the Bible is the source of almost all the testimonies and the ways of Friends...
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The Sacraments
Friends do not appear to believe in sacraments. In fact nothing could be further from the truth...
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Quakers try to be honest in their dealings with all people ... read on

Quakers are sometimes confused with Armish or Shaker groups because of their thoughts on simplicity ... read on 

As Quakers we aim to be peacemakers in all of our dealings whether  personal, national or international...
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Equality of All
One of the main convictions of Quakers is the equality and value of everyone regardless of race, gender, age or beliefs... read on

The Inner Light
For Quakers what is experienced in our hearts and minds is more important than anything preached from a pulpit... read on