The Religious Society of Friends
is exactly what it says on the tin.

Don't expect an easy definition of Quakerism.

Quaker thought and practice has always refused to be contained in credal formulas or systems of belief.

Quakerism is not itself a religion nor is it, any longer, entirely accurate to describe it as a Christian denomination because many of its followers find no purpose in affirming or denying traditional Christian beliefs about God or Christ.

The Quakers are probably best described by their official title. The "Religious Society of Friends" is exactly what it says on the tin - we are a religious society of friends.

At the core of every Quaker's life is the Meeting for Worship. These are open to everyone. You'll find no sermons, no music, no chanting - just stillness and silence until someone is moved to speak. Nothing is prearranged - when a theme emerges in the meeting it simply springs from the living experience of the moment.

Quaker origins

Quaker values